Social Media Practices that Boost SEO

social-media-marketing-seo-digital-marketing-online-marketingSocial media marketing and SEO are strategies adopted and used by businesses in order to create an identity that is unique and appeals to clients to frequently visiting their site. Both strategies interrelate, in that the firm’s presence on different social networks such as Twitter or Facebook boosts its search rankings.

Often, marketers do not comprehend the link between social media and SEO and how social media affects Google rankings. This concept has been greatly assumed by most marketers, which questions the effectiveness of the kind of strategies they engage in. This article has captured a number of practices that greatly boosts SEO. SEO-certifications-courses


  1. Increasing brand awareness

An increase in awareness of a brand boosts SEO, thus the number of visitors on your website will greatly increase. Social media is crucial when it comes to promoting the firm’s reputation. This enables the searches to increase and attract prospective clients online. It seems more of branding advantage than SEO specific advantage; however its SEO benefits are highly significant.

Boosting your reputation on social media (by increasing high quality content and engagement) leads to an increase in your site’s online presence. The positive thing about it is that the brand presence will result to a lot of brand searches on Bing, Google or Yahoo. Most of the searches your brand receives will increase the chances of it being ranked for non-branded keywords.

The relationship is somehow complicated, however it starts by having a brand presence that is strong and concludes with a better search visibility. There is certainly no particular way of boosting your website’s authority other than giving the audience quality experience.

  1. Optimizing posts locally

Social media provides you the opportunity to engage with your local community. There are some few ways of approaching this, but the simplest include making updates when the firm engages in local events and interact with different local brands. Thus, the local communities are highly encouraged to visit your site if you upgrade the search engine optimization by frequently updating content that relates to the firm.

The firm should focus on engaging in local events in order to improve on the brand’s popularity. Any kind of post on social media made by the local communities will highly boost SEO. For local optimization, you will need to encourage locals to comment or like on social media and also participate in festivals, as it will assist make the brand prevalent.

Whenever the firm attends tradeshows, festivals or other kind of events, take good quality photos, post and invite other residents within your locality to comment. This kind of reinforcement supports your community participation, eventually making you visible in the local searches.

  1. Social sharing authority

Here is where the site’s anchor highly influences the shared content on social media for the purpose of boosting the brand (through internet marketing), since people interact online. For the case of external links that are selected, they are meant to become popular and reach out to a larger market segment as a result of increased social sharing of the content on social media. In return, it improves the SEO due to increased popularity. When people share posted content, the search engine optimization website ranking gets boosted, due to the numerous posts on social media.

  1. Opening channels for searches

SEO tends to improve on the number of visitors to your site by simply making available a secondary channel that is used to search for content concerning the firm. Such posts are focused on giving opportunity where the firm is renowned in terms of social media, for the purpose of boosting the websites’ SEO. The post’s anchor needs to be strong enough for it to optimize on the site’s searches through the social media platform by giving detailed information concerning the site.

  1. Encourage external site link content

A firm can create the inbound links thus, giving the company authority to a particular external site in order to link the site to the firm. Social media has a great role to play when it comes to ensuring their links that are inbound to external websites, as it will boost the website’s popularity. Social media often acts as a marketing strategy, which tends to improve the company’s performance; especially where its links are shared to other authorized sites.

  1. Increase followers

For a SEO boost, the total number of connections and followers your social media profile has will have a profound influence on the overall ranking. A firm that has a great number of Facebook likes and Twitter followers will certainly get a huge boost in terms of page ranking. For example, a million likes on Facebook and a million followers on Twitter, boosts the search engine optimization of a firm. However, Twitter followers can be bought, but building followers organically is crucial for a firm, since Google can easily detect such kind of practices. Opening discussion forums and posting articles may be a powerful way to build on your social media followers.

For you to grow the followers’ number, you will need patience, as it is a gradual process that is ultimately effective only if you maintain consistency. Post useful, unique, consistent articles and do a follow up with your users by having them engage in conversations with you directly.


It should be clear enough that social media gives a wide range of opportunities in getting your content viewed or read by people searching your site, thus, you need to ascertain that you harness powerful tools that are offered by social marketing, for the main purpose of boosting your brand’s visibility when it comes to organic search. With the information provided above, you are now confident and certain of the main social media practices that assist boost search engine optimization.

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