SEO vs. PPC: Knowing Which is Right to Your Website

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization entails the process of acquiring traffic from the editorial, free, natural or organic search results from on various search engines while PPC stand for Pay-per-click; a model of online marketing whereby an advertiser pay a certain fee every time one of his ads gets clicked. In essence it is a way of trading the number of visits to your site instead of making an attempt to earn the visits organically.


SEO vs. PPC Comparison



SEO1It covers at large on the frequencies that a particular site appears on a search engine. The more a site becomes highly ranked in Google ranking system, the more it appears first on the search results of a search engine. Appearing first on the search results always makes the site more visible to the visitors hence increasing their chances of visiting the site(s). Therefore, sites that appear first on the search results of a search engine are likely to win more clients/customers from the visitors who click on their sites or pages.

One of the major benefits of using SEO as your marketing tool is that is gives you a better quality traffic lead. By far, most people have subconsciously adopted the organic search optimizer ignoring the paid results completely.

Another benefit is that being ranked high on the most common search engines increases your visibility to the world as well as increasing your credibility as a source of the ‘product’ that is the subject of the search. Visitors therefore get to know you while winning the utmost trust from the visitors/customers for your business.

In addition, it increases your level of significance as the main player in your industry.

However, take note that SEO never comes freely like air. There are other indirect costs involved in the search engine optimization and Google ranking systems. Long-term online marketing strategy perfectly suits this module. It is therefore necessary to include SEO in your strategies for long-term marketing.


ppc-optimization-servicesIt has a common association with the first-tier search networks/engines. For instance Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo etc. are common and renowned search engines that are targets of PPC. Sites owners who wish to market online associate with such search engines where they pay a certain price per click for linking up with them.

Unlike SEO, it basically involves paying to get an advertising space for certain keywords on search results. Usually, PPC manifest in a yellow icon on the search results making the ad unique by color. The colored icon implies that the ad on market is paid.

As for many of us, free goods or products/services always sing sweet melodies to our ears. So we go for the ‘free’ while abandoning the ‘paid’ ones. What we forget is that each of the products have their own advantages. There are some advantages linked to PPC over the search engine optimizers.

For instance, there is need to worry much about whether if you paid, your ad will appear first on the search results of a search engine. Operators may opt to put the ad with the highest bid to appear the first on their search results.

Even if the renowned search engines don’t set your ad to appear on the first page of the search results, may be the web page or site ranked first doesn’t offer any solution to the visitors’ needs or the solution they offer does not satisfy the demand of the visitors. As for this, the visitors will search for more alternatives thereby increasing your chances of being viewed or appearing on the other searches.

At this point, you should make a well-strategized and planned self-marketing- by employing the best campaign strategy. Minding less of the cost to be incurred, your ad will appear on the search engine just like other ads from your competitors, chances are you are likely to hit the dot. Therefore it all depends on how well you market yourself.

Secondly, is the capacity to make adverts even in other sites that have more traffic that best suits your customers’ interests. Even in other instances where the visitors see your ad on a given search. They may be tempted to ignore but on the second visit whereby they will see your ad again, there comes a good opportunity that they might like to view the ad.


There is no greater or lesser benefits of using the two models of online marketing. Even if there are differences, it is very minute to ignore any of them. It all depends on your reasons, products, plans, clients’ base and ability to use either.

SEO has great significance and takes some considerable time to construct page authority as well as being indexed to accommodate the right search terms. However, it is also in associations of many fluctuations on the ranking results overtime. This happens if you have numerous competitors. More so to be specific, it’s like being in a hide and seek game where you don’t know when your competitor are going to game up and be the high ranker in the industry.

PPC is also a nice and great way to boost up your business in the online marketing system. However it is necessary to allow time to training and learn the market threads as well as acquiring the right certification. This module is technically modified and it requires someone with training and experience in PPC.

Being smart while making a choice for the best marketing tool to use as at a given situation.

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