How Important is Backlinks to Your Website

Backlinks Technology Online Web ConceptIf at all you have read about search engine optimization or studied it, there is a high chance that you may have come across the word backlink. For individuals who are not quite familiar to SEO, you are probably wondering what the term means and of what importance it hold.

While website building, most business owner’s focus their attention towards the keywords and some other on-page SEO factors, thus end up overlooking the value of backlinks. Some experts in the industry have made estimates concerning the percentage backlink may account to the weight (algorithm) search engine rankings give websites. When required to boost your business’ search, you will need to cultivate links from other websites which point back to your website. There is no doubt this opportunity is too great to be ignored.

If you have not been actively building backlinks, this article has managed to capture insightful information concerning the basics that will get you started.

What are backlinks?

What-are-Backlinks-in-SeoFrom the basic, a link is what normally provides a connection between two web pages. Probably you may have internal links, which are between different pages in your site or you have external links that point to useful web resources. Thus, the links that go from a particular site to your own are referred to as backlinks, since they refer back to your site’s pages. Backlinks have become crucial to the scope of SEO, as they are a component of its foundation.

Backlinks are the kind of links, which are directed to your site. They can also be referred to as inbound links. The quantity of backlinks indicates the website’s importance and how popular it is. These links are crucial for search engine optimization since search engines such as Google gives credit to websites which have a large quantity of quality backlinks, thus considering them more relevant than the other results in the page.

Identify quality

imagesWhenever search engines are doing their calculations in order to identify a site’s relevance to the keyword, they often consider the quantity of quality backlinks, of that particular site. This means, you should not get excited and contented with only getting the backlinks, as the quality is what will makes the difference in your ranking.

Search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo put more focus on the sites content when determining the link’s quality. When backlinks to your site originate from other sites that have some relation in the content, the backlinks are viewed as relevant. The quality of inbound links is highly determined by the relevance of the backlinks.

Improve search visibility

searchFrom an SEO’s perspective, links tend to demonstrate the level of popularity of a certain site. Importantly, whenever a particular site gets linked to your pages, it is actually saying how worthy the information is to share with the readers. Whenever the search engine spiders locate a site that has numerous other sites pointing to, the conclusion is that the site has quality information, which requires a reward of good ranking.

When it comes to ranking algorithms, there are certain backlink traits that highly matter. For instance, a high ranked site’s backlink has a greater impact compared to that of a low ranked site. Also, links originating from relevant sites within the industry gets more weight.

Since search engines cannot assess the quality of all sites manually, they highly rely on the quantity of backlinks that point a site and the links quality to determine the sites value.

Entice visitors

Another reason why you need a backlink is to attract visitors to come view your website often. After building your website, you do not stop there, you need to point the way for them to know it exists. You may be required to market it and get people to talk about it. To get the word out with one-way webmaster, you could use reciprocal linking.

Increase brand exposure

Just as many other online marketing activities, link building results in product, business and brand exposure to a diverse audience. This has been true and still remains to be true to-date That is why Google uses links for their searches, as naturally created links are a good vote of confidence from a site to another.

The best place to build on the votes would be on the sites that are relevant to your own. Inherently, people tend to trust links. Online marketers or SEO experts often find themselves forgetting this aspect. For an average individual observing a link from trusted sources, he or she will attribute a positive association to the link especially if the website on the other side proves to be valuable after being thoroughly scrutinized. People tend to link to other people not to algorithms or websites.

Compliments online marketing activities

This is not a single online marketing activity done on its own. Backlinks requires hard work, experience, interpersonal skills, social skills, persuasiveness and the potential to adapt and learn. However, even with the skills outlined below, the individual building the links may not always come out successful without having a linkable asset.

The things that are considered link worthy are social buzz, strong industry relationship, strong content that is of value to customers or industry. The aim of any link builder is to have natural links that you would not mind if they weren’t rewarded by Google.


Creating high quality backlinks is crucial in SEO, since it has numerous benefits all together. For this reason, you need to highly prioritize on it. With the information provided, you will certainly have a better comprehension on the importance of great quality inbound links in your site. All you need to do is simply focus on the different ways to get quality backlinks for your site.


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