Where to Get Good Quality Backlinks

Get-Dofollow-backlink-from-Google-Drive-PR8Backlinks are equivalent to references of web related sources of links/paths leading to a source of valid, genuine and good quality information. Backlinks are inclusive of; in link, citation, inward link, inbound and incoming links. By fact, the Google team through their page rank algorithm employs the criteria of ranking the web pages with the best quality backlinks as the first in the search engine ranks. This is how they determine the most important web pages.


The links therefore leaves us wondering which is the best backlinks and when and where to find them. Of course, there are many untapped sources of backlinks. Listed below are some of the sources of good quality backlinks:

  1. Customers testimonies

Most companies do like to include the testimonials from their customers about their products. Perhaps this is the best way to market themselves by making it known how their clients perceive/respond to their products. In fact, customer testimonies are the backbone of a flourishing venture. Therefore, customers sending their testimonials for upload in a website either directly or indirectly through the web pages or other links. In return, companies tend to share a link with the client. These links form a good back up for quality backlinks.

Most companies have not realized the importance of their clients’ testimonials thereby leaving this quality product untapped.

  1. Bloggers

At times we seek to work in the free world. This particularly happens when you want to make your product known to the customers but you don’t know or have means to do that at no cost. Your worry becomes much less if you sign to work with bloggers. They will create blogs that will pop up on the web pages or sites that are related to your topic/product on sale.

For instance, your niche defines the kind of bloggers that might be interested in what you are offering. A good example is a case whereby your interest is on How to bake birthday cake. As for this, you will need to Google for the bloggers who deal in Bakeries and its’ associates. As for them, they will help in making your procedure adopted or known to a wider coverage. Bloggers always give a good platform for quality backlinks.

  1. Help a reporter out

Commonly known as HARO is the best way to acquire backlinks from the news sites. You are supposed to sign up to HARO. On signing up, you will receive three mails daily from reporters looking for sources. Upon approval, you are to give response through your credentials and some tips. Once you give your response, the reporter is supposed to give you a link. By far, the link comprises of the best backlinks.

  1. Website feedback sites

There exist some sites that are suited to help in getting feedback on someone’s site layout or even their conversion potential. Almost all of these sites do allow links back to your sites.

  1. Blog aggregators

These are sites, which provide a listing of quality blogs in various companies or industries. Submitting your site to the aggregators involves adding HTML coding to the site to confirm the ownership of the site. When approved, you should have your page on the aggregator with a doffolow link to the site.

  1. Twitter

It takes time to find sites that do not have a laundry list of guest bloggers. Usually, this sites posts more regularly. Such sites are very useful in creating a trend that initiates with creation of the backlinks.

  1. Scoop it page

Building buzz from content is one of the current emerging and continuing trend where you can create your information into a magazine like formatting. Scoop it is one of the unique places to do this. In order to get people posting your content, you only use scoop suggestion field.

  1. Info-graphics

This is a very easy way/ strategy to build links because most of us do believe that is expensive and very hard to develop info graphics. Simply, they are made by a person on Odesk and Elance.

Info-graphics requires more creativity, uniqueness and hiring cheap labor/designer to make it. When ready, it is necessary to share it on the info-graphic sites. Afterwards you may try and reach out to some bloggers whom you share a common niche. You may offer it as a guest post and in return, they will get you linked up.

  1. Google +

Google plus has an allowance of context do follow links. Due to its wide coverage, it is a very effective profiling tool that gives you ample information including those of bloggers and site owners. As a result, the more you interact with it and its associates, the more you get to grow your backlinks for high search ranks by the Google team.

  1. Edu Resource

.edu domains has a high ranking punch. Many advantages may accrue to you for linking up with .edu sites. Most campuses globally have their sites linked to such domains with vast information. Such sites as .edu are resourceful in giving links. Therefore, having access to such domains as .edu helps in establishing backlinks for your site.


The urge by many companies both small, retail and large to have their sites earn best ranks in the web all depends on the aggressiveness of the company or industry and its association with the above mentioned factors that impact differently on their backlinks. It is also clear that there are many untapped sources of backlinks all over.

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