Backlinks for SEO: What is Link Building?

What is Link Building? Strategies and Examples


2015.03.13-Mini-FA-L1-Ways-to-Effectively-Use-Guest-Blogging-as-an-SEO-and-Link-Building-Tactic-DABasically, link building is the process of making your website or web pages gain popularity over the internet by way of link campaign. Link campaign involves finding and getting other websites, related and unrelated alike, to get to provide links to your own site from their sites for those visitors who visit their sites for related content. You can also provide links to other sites for related content in an effort to gain popularity. The links to your site should be from authoritative and relevant web sites. Authority and relevance are the two basic attributes that sites with a high SEO rating have.

Acquiring backlinks for SEO can be a long and challenging process, but the rewards of getting high authority web pages to point to your website, can seriously build up your authority as well. Here are some factors to consider when performing your outreach campaign for backlinks.

  1. Link value

In a search engine optimization process, all links to a site are taken into consideration in order to determine ranking but not all of them are considered the same. As already mentioned, links from websites which are more established are considered of quality in a search engine optimization process as compared to those links from newly developed websites or blogs. Links from your typical neighborhood locations are similarly considered of high value and relevance to your site.

  1. Anchor texts

Alternatively referred to as link texts, they are words in a link phrase that are used to describe a site to which is being linked. These phrases in a ‘general context’ summarizes the web sites they are linking to and state that they are good and reliable sites which improves their rating in SEO. Since you do not have the ability to dictate the phrases, other sites will use to provide links to your site. You would be influential if you provide quality and reliable content, which will make them describe you in the same sense.

  1. Quantity of links

A whole bunch of links can improve your search engine optimization ranking. It is beneficial to get as many links from as many sites than to get the same number of links from just one site. 400 links from 400 different sites are more valuable in a SEO process than 400 links from just one site. In as much as you are looking for links to your site, do not just focus too much on the number you get but on the quality of those links you get as well. Quality supersedes quantity in this scenario.


Link acquisition tactics


link-acquisition-strategy1In your link building campaign, in order to succeed in acquiring links, here are the three basic acquisition tactics you could use:

  • Outreach link creation

In this method, the SEO process creates these links by sending emails to bloggers and paying for listings of all kinds and manners. It also submits sites to directories. This manual link generation strategy attempts to create value by explaining to its target why it is good for them to link with the beneficiary site, a strategy which can be accomplished by filling online website award program forms.

  • Editorial links

These are links given by websites that want to create links to your website. This tactic does not need special advertisement strategies in order to be recognized by SEO processes. Websites will only want link to your site if you provide quality content that is timely and relevant to researchers. Passion for quality is the secret here.

  • Non-editorial links

These are self-generated links from sites that take advantage of its new visitors by making them sign up for membership on those sites and create user profiles. Sites that have provision for user comments can also derive links from those comments even though the success rate is not very reliable. In the contemporary sense, this method of link acquisition is slowly being devalued and in some cases, it is even considered as spamming. Pursue it with extreme care.


Link building strategies


Search-Engine-Optimization-101-More-Link-Building-StrategiesLink building is a step-by-step process that takes time and patience to successfully implement for better results. If you see an increase in traffic, improved rankings in SERPs and more referral links, then you know you are on the correct path to success. If these factors do not show then consider the following alternatives.

First and foremost, you need to create content that is of high quality. Quality is measured in terms of relevance and credibility. If you see a captivating page, you will probably want to share it with a friend through a link, who will also extend the courtesy to others.

Getting the attention of bloggers and sites also involves creating news and controversy but in a positive way. If you post a new article that is trending, people will see you as updated. This will bring more visitors to your site who will invite others through links.

For those sites that already have loyal customers or partners, they can capitalize on building their sites by getting those customers to link to the pages on their sites. You can accomplish this by sending them website badges or icons that link back to your site. A loyal customer base is useful for the perpetual continuity of any business in the future.

Finally, to sustain constant flow of link requests, create a blog related to your web site. This blog should be educative and entertaining at the same time. Information in blogs is arranged in a timely basis and as such, one can easily pick news that is recent and relevant and where exactly he can locate it on the actual website.


Creating a good portfolio of links is tantamount to an increased SEO ranking. Considering the above strategies, it is not only paramount to get the ‘numbers’ but evaluate the quality of the numbers of links as well. Many links from novice websites are less valuable than a few from well established players.